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Mattress: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

The mattress is a cushion, so a support on the slatted base. It is an important part of the bed for sleeping, lying and resting. The lying comfort is essentially determined by the mattress material. But the degree of hardness and size make the sleeping pad perfect. There are many things to consider when choosing. Read about the variety of mattresses and get tips to choose from.

Mattresses - General features

A mattress is commonly referred to as a mattress. Together with the matching slatted frame and a solid frame or frame, this results in a bed.

In the local culture is slept in a bed or rested. The type and quality of the mattress have a significant influence on whether the person lying on it feels comfortable and relaxed. This applies to people both without and with a health handicap.

The bed and thus the mattress are used daily for several too many hours. Sleep, rest or temporary relaxation take place on the mattress, so in bed! It is also used today, but by no means exclusively for the night's sleep.

In contrast to earlier decades is dispensed with the large blanket, because it makes an ad hoc use of the bed impossible. Instead, the bed is said to be shaken and repulsed.

This creates a continuous pillow surface with the pillow, which can be used at any time. This option makes the more and more intensive use the more comfortable and comfortable the mattress is.

Function and properties

As a mattress, the  is as old as people's need to lie comfortably while sleeping or resting, to be literally soft-bedded. The linguistic origin comes from the Italian of "materazzo".

Nowadays, mattresses are an item that is needed many times in every household. They are produced in just under a dozen standard sizes and are made in the dimensions length x width. In hotels, the trade name of a mattress such as single, double or king size indicates the size of the bed in a single or double room.

A mattress has to be compatible with the one lying on it day after day. Body size and body weight influence which degree of hardness is appropriate. It makes a difference whether the mattress user is a teenage girl or his heavyweight grandfather.

The manufacturers usually distinguish in three degrees of hardness, which are based on the contact weight, i.e. the body weight. The subdivision applies to sixty kilograms, then to eighty and over eighty kilograms.

Mattresses promote health

Mattresses, in conjunction with the slatted frame, are a persistent topic in many people with complaints of the articular apparatus. Some have pain with physical activity and hope to be relieved from resting on the mattress.

The others are in the morning with tensions and, as it is formulated, physically bruised. They have not found the expected physical relaxation on the slatted mattress for the past eight to ten hours.

In fact, one reason for this is in many cases the mattress. It is now divided into several different lying areas.

They are intended to support or relieve the body of the person resting at the respective place, i.e. to be body-conformal overall, which requires a precise adaptation of the size of the mattress to the height of the body. If you would like to know more about the lying areas, take a look at our separate article on the topic.

The cot or bed of adolescents must be as carefully equipped with a good mattress as the bed of the adult or the bedridden patient. The user must be aware that a significant part of life is spent resting and sleeping on the mattress. Anyone who exercises regularly on a physically demanding level needs a mix of physical relaxation and mental calm.

Quality is an absolute must when buying a mattress

If the budget is limited for the purchase of beds, then the focus should not be placed on the look of the bed frame and bed surround, but on the mattress and the slatted frame. Here, quality and quality determine how restful or convalescent the stay in bed that is on the mattress can be. This applies to both the daily sleep as well as a longer, disease-related permanent residence, for example, after a broken leg or after an operation on the articular apparatus.

Mattress material

The interior of the mattress is the mattress core. If the material of a mattress is spoken, then this is meant mattress contents. Based on the material, the mattresses are distinguished by type of trade.

Common types of mattresses include

  • the spring core and air core mattresses
  • the latex
  • the cold foam
  • the viscoelastic as well
  • the natural mattresses


The advantages of a mattress are assessed both generally and individually. It must adapt to the slats on the one hand and the body of the user on the other hand under all circumstances.

To do this, the hardness of the mattress and body weight must match, that is, being skillfully coordinated. Find out more about the degree of hardness of a mattress here.

Point elasticity

Important is pronounced point elasticity. In case of permanent use because of bed rest, pressure-sensitive body parts must be relieved. The body must not pass through the mattress or in places.

It has to adapt softly and yieldingly and catch the body at the same time - you could call it cushioning. Find out here precisely on the point elasticity of a mattress.

Air and moisture exchange

The general characteristics of mattresses include the permeability of moisture and air. The mattress must

  • to breathe
  • Absorb moisture and
  • Then absorb the absorbed moisture again.

The air and moisture exchange must work. How well that is the case depends very much on the quality of the mattress, so from the mattress core.

Mattress types

As already mentioned, the type of mattress depends primarily on their material. In the following, we introduce the common mattress types in more detail.

Natural latex mattress

A natural latex mattress can be designated as such if the contents of the mattress core are made entirely of natural latex. The latex mattress is vulcanized.

For the natural latex mattress it is crucial that only natural polymers are used. The polymer is a chemical compound that processes either natural or synthetic polymers.

In the natural latex mattress, it is only the natural polymers made of natural rubber. For vulcanization, salts and sulfur are used. Their proportion of up to five percent and a polymer content of one hundred percent is natural latex.